Victorian Steampunk Clothing

What is steampunk Corset?

First of all, one must know about what is steampunk corset. It is fashion done in the Victorian era (latter know as steampunk clothing). In steampunk fashion, there are some special elements that are used to design the costume. A corset is basically one of the biggest staples in that fashion era.

If you are a big fan of period dramas then you must have corsets in your wardrobe as Jane Austen was the one who introduced this fashion to the people of the Victorian era. It then spreads to the Cold war era in the United States. This piece of garment basically holds the torso and supports the breast. It also keeps your body in the desired shape that is usually a smaller waist and large bottom.

If you find its history you must come to know about its traces in early 1600. Another feature of the corset was that it can be wear by both men and women but mostly wear by women. We also see its wide range in movies that are made showing the Victorian era.

Inspiration of Steampunk Corset Dress

We all know about Keira Knightley who was the one who inspires every single one to this costume once. A well-known movie name “Pride and Prejudice”, Elizabeth Bennett wear a very simple corset as well as Elizabeth Swan, who wore a steampunk corset in Pirates of the Caribbean Sea where she always inspired her viewers by wearing beautiful corset Dresses. These Corset dresses show us a royal trend. The way it is worn looks stunning.

These reasons make steampunk corset outfit forever trending and it could be worn in so many ways That a person could not imagine. Anyone could find videos on the Internet related to how to wear a steampunk corset so anyone can easily wear it.

Types of Steampunk clothing

There are many types of corsets But if you are specifically finding for steampunk style then there are some specifications for this style. It usually has a wide range of dark colours for example black, copper, grey, chocolate brown etc. Its unique style consists of d-rings, buckle’s, zip.

  • Steampunk clothing women 

The steampunk women clothing basically consist of a corset top that is made of brocade and  Jacquard fabric that gives a very fine finishing to it. It helps to make a perfectly thin waist and thick bottom look. These tops have a wide range of sizes as well as variety. One Has to purchase this corset top according to his body shape. Some corset tops are very popular name as chain corset top, removable about stripped buckle belt corset, a gothic corset top and corset top with the jacket.

  • Steampunk underbust corset

There are usually two types of corset known over burst corset and underbust corset. Both are comfortable to wear.

  • Plus size steampunk corset

These are perfect in size and is according to every measure. Many of ur artist wear this and become an inspiration for their viewers.

  • How to style a steampunk corset

Steampunk corset is a style in such a way that it gives a royal and expensive look. It can be designed in many styles according to the taste like some people prefer to wear gown style Which does not seem wrong. It is basically an imagination to get more modern ideas to create a masterpiece of fashion, design and art.

VICTORIAN Steampunk clothing accessories:

Steampunk corset is made of such type of metal that shows the Victorian era. Steampunk has to merge Science and fiction in its unique styling. People of that time use heavy shoes and dresses which shows they were very strong. The metal used in the steampunk corset plays a vital role in it. All the accessories used in it have Unique speciality which makes them stand in their culture. Some accessories are listed below.

  • Belts

Steampunk corset always has belts and buckle’s used in it. In the Victorian era, the woman used to tie their gowns with belts to look smart and thin. If we talk about men then they use belts to hold jeans. Nowadays women use the modern fashion sense to where steampunk corset As they utilise the corset the jeans and keep the belt in accessories.

  • Magic fire fairy angel dust- necklace

This necklace gives us pure vibes of Vintage steampunk. It becomes A dream for those who love glowing accessories. This necklace is made in a very beautiful way That consists of a small bottle having Fairy glow dust in it. This necklace is entirely different and aesthetic.

  • Choker

Choker is not a new invention. It is used in Victorian culture but the steampunk choker is quite different. It consists of the face and different style of small metallic objects that give embellishment to it. There are many styles of choker and can we wear in different ways.

  • Finger Cuffs

Finger cuffs are the basic accessory in a steampunk corset. You might have heard about the word finger rings but finger cuffs are also the same so you don’t have to worry about this word. It’s a metallic body that is worn on the top of your fingers. These are of many styles and sizes so that anyone could buy according to their fingers.

  • Handcraft Victorian lace bracelet

Victorians are fond of metals so they use metal in every accessory. A lace bracelet is also made of metal and beads which covers the finger with a decorative ring. It’s like a wristband of different size and style.

  • Plague doctor mask

It is discussed many times in Sherlock Holmes so there is nothing to worry about what is this mask. From its name you can easily come to know that it is a mask Which Victorian era people used to wear.

  • Fascinators

These are like hats used to wear on the head but are made in a different manner. These are made of furs, lace and feather and available in every size. Victorian men and women seem different by wearing these hats.

  • Steampunk charm necklace

This necklace is made of a Metallic cage having a glowing ball inside it. The glowing ball uses a battery to produce a blink effect.

  • Compass and pedal accessories

It uses a unique style known as compass and pedal style this style is used in almost everything that is worn by Victorian people for example in a necklace, earrings. The pirates are fond of wearing these two shapes of earrings.

  • Corsets

There is a close bonding between corsets and steampunk fashion. The Victorians start from a girlish corset to metallic corsets that make a big difference in fashion style.


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