Steampunk Clothing Ideas

It is an old saying which states, “Old is Gold”. If you haven’t seen any example of it before, steampunk clothing is on the market to open your eyes. Steampunk clothing fashion is the representation of the innovation period in the Victorian era. The time in which people started thinking differently. It was time when they stop looking for sweet and cute aesthetics. Instead, they choose to adopt a different side, or you can say the opposite of hearts and flowers. 

Steampunk fashion anchored its root in the period when industrialization was at its peak. It was then when Victorians started using darker shades in their fashion industry. They make the colours like brown, black, copper, chocolate and others; a part of their lives. From the extensive revolution, they got the idea of using leather and metal to accessorize their outfits. They didn’t stop here. In reality, they made a whole line of props to make their steampunk style clothing look more innovative.    

Steampunk clothing fashion doesn’t need any introduction. However, if you still unaware of it somehow by chance. We are pretty sure by reading this article you will get to know everything you want to know. 

Steampunk Clothes & Gender

Do you honestly think that this generation cares about who is wearing whose clothes? Nowadays, clothes have no gender at all. However, in this section, we are talking about Victorians. Steampunk style clothing is, without any doubt, spread like a fire when it first comes out. From the noble family to the peasant, everyone was equally affected by it. Women used to wear ankle-length gown, and men adopted long coats. However, one thing which is equally appreciated by both in Victorian steampunk clothing is the corset. 

Indeed, you do not often get to see people in corsets now. And we think that’s the major throwback we want in our fashion industry. You agree or not, but low-key everyone wants to normalize wearing corsets for their OOTD. There is no debate in it that Victorian steampunk clothing left all of us in a nostalgic condition. 

Steampunk Women Clothing

These days you can see men wearing steampunk clothes on stage only. Or maybe somewhere deep down in any English countryside. If you talk about the rest of the World, then you will get a big no. However, women know how to appreciate true fashion trendsetter. Many women still wear steampunk aesthetic clothing. Or many still have a wish to buy some!

Must-haves of Steampunk Clothing  

If you are someone who wants to purchase steampunk clothes but have no idea where to start? No need to worry because we have penned down a quick guide for you to check out. Here you will get the idea of which items are included in steampunk women clothing.

  • Steampunk Dresses

Steampunk was inspired by the two mainstreams of the time; romance and industrialization. It is also known as the sub-genre of science and fiction in Victorian literature. If you have seen the period drama movies of Jane Austen, then you will probably get the idea of what kind of dresses Victorian women used to wear. They wear a long gown that hangs near the torso. So, if you are looking for an aesthetic steampunk clothing item, do check out dresses first!

  • Steampunk Tops

Not only the dresses which were part of the Victorian steampunk clothing. The fashion industry took futuristic inspiration and created something different from their previous attitude. In today’s market, there is a variety of steampunk tops available. 

  • Steampunk Boots

The heels weren’t a thing at that time. In the steampunk era, women were strong and artistic. They used to wear leather boots which were embellished by several buckles or zips. They used to wear dark colour boots. Add leather boots to your list as well. 

  • Steampunk Headwear

Steampunk clothing is incomplete without headwear. However, head wears also have many types. They use fascinators, small hat and large hat as well. Other than the hat, the fascinator was of something of massive appreciation deserving item. It includes furs and feathers and metallic touch to it. The purpose of headwear is to grab attention. And there is no doubt, they have accomplished their mission. 

  • Steampunk Accessories

There are several items included in this list. It wouldn’t be wrong if you say that the list is endless. The Victorians were obsessed with highlighting their appearance via using steampunk accessories. Their earrings, lace bracelet, gloves, neckwear they even have finger cuffs. The steampunk era was way ahead of today’s fashion industry. 

  • Steampunk Costumes 

It would be unfair if we don’t mention steampunk costume outfits in the must-have list. The Victorians took inspiration from their literature artwork and made a new clothing line. They made costume outfit for almost every deserving characters. In the market, you can find costumes of every character. From fairies to vampires, name a character, and you can buy an outfit inspired by it. Even you can find a steampunk costume of a plague doctor as well. Not just the dress, you can purchase a matching mask and can complete the look. 

Cheap Steampunk Clothing Ideas 

We are pretty sure that by now you get the idea of what you should buy. Now we will discuss the matter of where to buy. Many online stores are allowing purchasing steampunk clothes at reasonable prices. On the other hand, many famous brands selling the same aesthetic clothing but at different prices. It is up to you what you choose to adopt. 

The prices of the item vary from the quality of the product as well. Are you looking for cheap steampunk clothing ideas? Then we will suggest you must give a visit to a bunch of online stores. In this way, you will get the idea of whether you are spending your money on a worthy item or not. 

Lastly, the basis on which Victorians first created steampunk fashion now seems to be fulfilled. Not every old fashion gets this much hype in the fashion industry before. The steampunk style clothing by Victorians was, without any doubt, a trendsetter! 


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