Steampunk Costume

No doubt Steampunk costumes enjoys a massive fanbase even today. The very first thing that strikes our mind about Steampunk is the revolutionary period for Victorians. This era completely changes the fashion sense of Victorians as they took inspiration from their surroundings. It would be true to say that Steampunk fashion has a comprehensive league of its own in every manner. Steampunk was officially recognized back in the ’80s. It was considered a pretty new concept and movements in the world of fashion. In this blog, you will get to know about different types of steampunk costumes. Good luck with your Steampunk costume shopping.                 

Steampunk Costume Ideas

When we talk about the steampunk costumes as one of the fashion fads, they represent what they look like; a futuristic yet not very much developed. Just think of a mixture of a futuristic Goth and the present-day Goth rolled into one. The overall look will not be objectionable at all. It would be a lush look and will bring one to the edge. However, the obsession of Gen Z over Steampunk costumes ideas is insane. 

Essentials of Steampunk Costume

Some of the most common accessories which complete a Steampunk costume is as follows: 


  • Spats. Keep old fashioned yet with funky steampunk style.
  • Leather made finger gloves.
  • Buckles
  • Machinist goggles
  • Long English coats with tails 
  • bowler or a top hat  

Steampunk Plague Doctor Costume 

Steampunk Plague doctor costume is known to be one of the most popular Steampunk costumes for cosplay or Halloween, featuring a bird-shaped mask and a long cloak. During the 17th century, which was the plague period, towns used to pay the “plague doctors.” Beaks of their masks were filled with herbs or the incense that was meant to keep the bad air out. It prevents the doctors from falling sick. However, it did not work out, and most of the plague doctors died. Other than the plague masks, they used to wear a leather apron with a wide belt. At that time, medical instruments fixed on the doctor belt. A walking stick is also a part of the costume. It was used to prod the patients so that the doctors did not have to touch the patients directly.    

Steampunk Cosplay Costumes 

Steampunk cosplay costumes are one of the common ways of dressing in countries around the world. It is one of the styles where people wear the costumes of their favourite characters from different sources along with the complementing accessories. This type of dressing originated mainly in Japan. People usually draw inspiration from the characters in; comedy, cartoon, books, sci-fi, films, video games, manga series and anime etc. 

There are no gender-related specifications when it is about the cosplay costumes. It is one of the main reasons for the popularity of these costumes. It does not matter which character influence you the most. You can always dress up following the same. It has been in the recent past that cosplay dressing style became more of a sexy costume. This style of dressing amuses the people with freedom of expression and desires.   

Steampunk Fairy Costume 

It is a mystery that do fairies exist for real? No one is aware of the folklore of this creature. It is because several cultures end up creating these kinds of magical creatures known as fairies. You can take Titania from Shakespeare, Zarina from Disney Fairies, Tinker Bell from Peter Pan and Navi from the legend of Zelda as an example. There are different types of these Steampunk fairy costumes for you to choose for your fairytale. 

These Steampunk fairy costumes are equally accessible for kids as well as adults. You are never too old to wear a steampunk fairy costume. It depends on you that which of the woodland fairy costume will meet your requirements of living up your dreams. It depends on you if you want to get ready for a lovely night around the town or you want to frolic around the forest. You need to make your decision and get the costume for you. 

Along with these steampunk fairy costumes, you will be amused with the relevant accessories too. It includes fairy ears, wand, glitter makeup, fairy wings, and whatnot. All you need to do is decide which steampunk fairy costume you want for you, and then you will get the relevant accessories without any trouble and hustle.  

Steampunk Victorian Vampire’s Costume 

It would not be wrong to say that vampire costumes are nothing new at all. They have been around for since long. Usually, when one thinks of the vampire costume, the image of count Dracula appears wearing a black tuxedo with a flared cape comes to mind. However, with the advent of the Steampunk Victorian vampire’s costume, it has been taken to a new height. It does not matter if you are looking forward to having men’s vampire costume, women or kids; you can easily access it from anywhere. 

For women, the Steampunk Victorian vampire’s costume includes laced corsets, full skirts, jewel-toned fabric and puffed sleeves etc. All of these have been accentuated with plenty of the lace well topped with top hats. Moreover, there are lots of brocade and black fabrics and yards of tulle, and Victorian-style boots give a finished look to the Victorian vampire. You may also add the blood-red lips, pale skin, pile of hair on your head, and the surreal costume is all set to give glam a vampire look.

If you look back at the Victorian era as one of the mythical times, the appeal of vampires has been connected with the said time. It was the time where society was restricted and well-controlled, where behaviours were outlined following specified details. In the Victorian age, one can think of a secret world of vampires being dressed as high rankings society members.     

All these Victorian steampunk costumes are just for you to have an idea about the Steampunk fashion stream. This iconic fashion style has a wide range of incredibly fashionista outfits. If you find Victorian steampunk costume at reasonable prices, then consider it to be a dream come true.


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