7 Victorian Steampunk Fashion Ideas for plus size

You might be wondering what steampunk fashion is, but it is that style you have watched in Hollywood movies and cartoons. It is a sub-genre of steampunk that was kind of science fiction, technology, and aesthetic designs. This trend is inspired by the Victorian era and nineteen-century steam power industrial machines. So this was the short history that you must know about this trend. Isn’t it interesting? Right. Many types of other accessories and jewelry also include in steampunk fashion. Before much advancement in this fashion trend, the clothing was hand-made, for example, corsets, jackets, and hand-made women’s linen tunics. But later on, many clothing companies started manufacturing these styled dresses in bulk.

Steampunk fashion for women includes a wide range of products. Some of the examples are pirate boots, corsets, gear-made rings, and jewelry. Nowadays, many fashion designers are opting for these old aesthetic fashion trends. So many women who want to pick these styles can go for it. But the question arises here that, can a plus-size go for this steampunk style? Yes, Of course. They can carry steampunk accessories and dresses at any party or in their everyday routine. So here are some steampunk fashion ideas that every not even plus-size but anyone can opt for easily.

1.Steampunk Jewelry and accessories:

A few well-placed items may make all the difference when it comes to creating a casual Steampunk appearance. While you probably won’t want to wear a set of brass-accented flying goggles to work, you can still discover aspects of this design in some stunning accessories. Because of the rising popularity of the style, there is exquisite Steampunk jewelry available from both individual designers and many fashion companies. Add Steampunk jewelry into your everyday look. A simple Steampunk-inspired necklace or a striking antique brooch might be effective and can change your look. Why not try your hand at making your steampunk accessories if you’re handy with a needle and thread? You can find antique gears, pendants, and charms in craft stores to make hand-made steampunk jewelry.

2.Victorian Steampunk Boots/footwear:

No matter how fat or plus-sized a person is, they can still wear shoes of any type. Steampunk shoes include long leather boots, which they can wear with a check shirt, a pair of blue denim, skinny jeans or pencil skirts, peplum blouses, jackets, or dresses. Footwear is a fashionable way to incorporate steampunk into your clothing. Boots or booties taken to wearing with more conservative skirts and trousers can give your casual look.

3.Steampunk Belts:

With recycled, recovered, and repurposed clothing, the Steampunk genre is highly diverse and easy to accomplish. Steampunk comes in many flavors, and you may easily include it in your regular or special occasion wardrobe. Belts, gloves, and hip pouches are some of the accessories anyone can use. Also, wearing belts on gowns looks so aesthetic.

4.Steampunk Victorian long trench coats and jackets:

Don’t worry, you won’t look like professor snape from Harry Porter. Plus-sized trench coats and jackets are must to have in your wardrobe and look so cool in winters. You can customize your normal trench coat into a Victorian or steampunk trench coat by carrying it with a steampunk broch and belt.

5.Steampunk customize gowns:

A Steampunk outfit does not need countless hours of creative sewing. Ready-to-wear Steampunk apparel in plus sizes maybe is hard to find, but creating it is easy. There is plenty of stuff and material you can use to create a steampunk gown. Such as lace, leather, linen, damask, and velvet.

6.Steampunk Corsets:

Corsets are more of a clothing piece than an undergarment in steampunk design. They’ve become almost iconic with the genre due to their prominence. Steampunk apparel inspired by the Victorian era includes corsets made of brocade or leather with steel boning. If you are fat, wearing a corset on your gown will make you look so elegant.

7.Steampunk Goggles:

Steampunk attire has become famous with metal goggles. Brass objects are another type of authentic steampunk accessory. The most widely used goggles have elaborate designs on large, spherical frames. You can wear steampunk goggles to add a funky look if you are comfortable in carrying different fashion trends.


All above is related to steampunk Victorian fashion that not only a plus-sized person but anyone can carry. You can wear this style with your routine dress, in the workplace or at a party. I hope you find this blog fascinating at the same time and will help you learn about this style in fashion. Happy reading!

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