Steampunk vs Cyberpunk vs Dieselpunk

Steampunk is a distinctive fashion style which has been seen in films, music videos, and television since the 1980’s. Steampunk goggles, watches, and corsets have been modified in so many ways to meet the fashion demands of all the fashion conscious people of all eras. Steampunk is inspired from the novels of H G Wells and Jules Verne.

Steampunk Cyberpunk and Dieselpunk have often been confused with each other. They are all related to the science fiction world. However, the three of them are worlds apart.

Cyberpunk is all about things which are related to advanced and innovative technology. It is all about artificial intelligence and cybernetics. It is a science fiction which depicts the modern technological advancements of the past and the future. The cyberpunk fashion style is urban. It shows the society which is controlled by the technological advancements.

Steampunk is inspired by the Victorian era. It is also technological related. However, the style of steampunk is traditional and aesthetic. This is the most popular “punk” culture. You see hats, purses, corsets which are inspired from the Victorian era.

Dieselpunk is inspired from the First World War era. It is about the progressive evolution of human life. It shows the scientific expansion of European Western Civilization. Dieselpunk depicts the dieselbased technology. It is a style which shoes individualism

Cyberpunk Steampunk Dieselpunk
It is a sub-genre science fiction which revolves around the evolution of computerized technological advancements This is a science fiction style which is inspired by the Victorian style. It is about the steam powered machinery and advancements This is a style which was originated from the first world war era. It depicts the diesel powered machinery and evolutions.
It is about technological improvements which shows the evolution of modern day internet age It is a blend of technology and steam powered machinery purely related to the Victorian style It is about the diesel and electric powered machinery.
Neon lights red and blue Black and dark rich colors Pale and grey colors
Can be seen in the movies, The Matrix, The Terminator. Can be seen in the movies Sherlock Holmes, Extraordinary gentleman. Can be seen in the movies Dark City, The Rocketeer.


In simple words Cyberpunk depicts the near future technology, Steampunk depicts the Victorian era, and Dieselpunk despicts the First World War era. These are all exciting genres for fashion conscious enthusiasts.

There are different movies, books and novels which reflect upon these three styles. Steampunk and cyberpunk are also creeping in the world of video games. The three genres can easily be depicted from their unique sense of styles. It is a fascinating world of punks which influence fashion conscious enthusiasts. All the three terms are sometimes associated with one another. They are commonly mistaken. They all differ in terms of style and origin. They do have a like-minded influencers and admirers. The steampunk, cyberpunk and dieselpunk clothing allow you to make a fashion statement. Even today, these sub-genre fiction science cultures are popular among the masses.

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