Do You Know What Is Steampunk Attire?

Usually when people hear about steampunk dress, they picture something in mind like general steampunk aesthetic. It may be something along the lines of metal, top hats, goggles, and clothes. However have you ever thought what is steampunk attire is really all about or what exactly is this fashion of steampunk?

Officially this fashion was recognized in late 80’s. At that point of time it was a new concept. It was nothing lesser than a new movement in the fashion industry. Today again, this fashion is on rise and hence you will see astoundingly attractive Steampnnk collection around you.

If you are willing to fully appreciate and understand the glory of this specific fashion, then you  must begin with some of the basics of the said fashion. In this piece of writing, we will be sharing with you certain basics of this fashion movement, its history, as well as philosophy behind it. Once you will know all this, these attires would become even more meaningful for you and your closet.

Brief  History Of  Steampunk  Fashion:

The term Steampunk was first heard back in year 1987, by the auhor KW Jeter in his one of the masterpieces novel named Morlock Night. No doubt the concept was popularized decadees earlier. The credit goes to several other novels such as Sci-Fi for giving birth to this label i.e. Steampunk’s rise in to TV shows, bideo games, movies and overall in the fashion world.

In simple words, Steampunk is described as fusion of the new and the old. It is a beautiful blend of Victorian age with the retro technology. When these elements are applied to the fashion world, it comes up with absolute magic and no wonder becomes a fashion movement that cannot do anything else but to attract the attention of the fashion world in every manner.

Saloncon is known to be the forst Steampunk fashion convention. It was held back in year 2006. It allowed the followers of the Steampunk fashion to get together and showcase their usually handmade and intricate attires. These costumes include the clothes, makeup, hair and other accessories.

With the enhanced attention, the fashion world rapidly took notice of this fashion. The Steampunk fashion looks were seen on the high profile ramps. Several designers showcased these designs including Versace, Dior, Chanel, and Prada.

Continue reading to know about the rules to be followed for the Steampunk fashion:

Steampunk Fashion Rules:

Underlined are some of the significant rules that need to be followed in order to represent Steampunk fashion:

Reproduction Of Clothes:

It is real world reproduction of clothes. It is or can be traced in the Steampunk literature.

Gets You Out Of  Your Doubts:

Whenever you feel yourself in doubt, you can always don Victorian and then add on. It is Victorians who fully capitalize upon the steam technology affecting day to day life. This is why we find that most of the Steampunk writing is found in the Victorian age. In case you are feeling that you have too much Victorian dress then trust me that you are doing it the perfect way.

Steampunk Outfits Are Overwhelming:

These attires are meant to entertain the person wearing them, to delight the senses and engage the viewer. You need not to be afraid of taking away the appeal of an outfit only because you feel it will not be reasonably steampunk. Just do not miss the collection of steampunk attires to be a collection of real status symbol of the steampunk. Goggles are one of the most infamous of these when they do not complement with the outfit or with the vision it tries to produce.

Steampunk Color:

To be simple, there is no steampunk color. There was a time when it was thought when it is about steampunk, it means brown, black, or white color. At times, it was thought that it is either some dark color or a light one. Well, this is all wrong. Any color can be steampunk. If your favorite color to wear is black, then you will find justification for this color. Same is the case with all the other colors; you will find steampunk justification for each of these. You need to keep in mind that steampunk is set in a world of advanced technology. Therefore it is reasonable to have patterns that are made up of complicated machines and vibrant colors.

You May Like Any Genre:

You are not restricted to like some certain genre but all of them. If you are attracted towards something that you like then do not hesitate. Just do not pull everything under the steampunk. There are genres that people work really hard to expand, create and explore. Therefore, we are bound to respect the uniqueness and diversity of these differences. World is full of well rounded and diverse people with different interests. Therefore, one must always be a source of pride.

Be  Yourself  And  Enjoy:

All you need to do is to be yourself and enjoy. That is what this is all about. You need not to conform to people around. Just don’t be shy to post about what you want to dress. It is because you don’t like to dress like the other people. Never post it with a question such as “do you think this is Steamppunk?” You should be confident and must post “i feel this exactly is steampunk and this is why I think so.” Someone would disagree and you two can discuss about it, get to know each other and tend to understand what their point of view is, or you can just ignore them straight away. You reserve the right to do so.

So there you go with what is steampunk attire all about. The above stated post is nothing but a brief glance and overview of wonderful steampunk fashion. The only tipping point is the fantasy and imagination that Steampunk fashion offers to its followers. It encourages one to continue exploring this exciting movement over and over again.           

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