Do You Know What Are Steampunk Goggles?

In very simple words, Steampunk is the science iction representing the societies of the 19th century. The said societies were dominated by the steam powered engine technology. Generally the Steampunk can be thought of as a science fiction genre. It is indeed an inspiration from the 19th century style. It has been recently that we see the Steampunk fashion to be rising in all the major fashion based platforms. Giants of the fashion industry such as Versace, Dior etc have been focusing on the Steampunk fashion too. The Steampunk attires are incomplete without accessories and Steampunk goggles are one of the common accessories.

Do you think about what are Steampunk goggles and what makes perfect Steampunk goggles? Well Steampunk is one of the aesthetic movements inspired by the Victorian era (1837-1901), the civil war of America (1861-1865), and the French Epoque (1879-1914). Therefore, Steampunk is one of the fantasized versions of the 19th century’s fashion world.

Steampunk goggles are known to be one of the most iconic accessories from the retro-future style. Ideally, these steampunk goggles must look the ones that people used to wear in 19th century. However a question arises in the mind, if people actually wore goggles in 19th century. Did goggles really exist at that time i.e. 1800s and if they did then what they looked like.

Let us begin with what are Steampunk goggles:

Did People Wear Steampunk Goggles In The 19th Century?

Do You Know What Is Steampunk Attire

In the world of Steampunk, engineers were in habit of exposing them to the steam spurts that existed next to the machines. Therefore, airship crew members needed protection from the low temperature and wind at higher altitudes. Moreover, mad scientists risks of getting injured by the sparks needed protection too. This is why safety goggles are part of the Steampunk uniform i.e. to protect the eyes from such dangers and because they look good.

Are Steampunk Glasses Inspired By 19th Century?

These goggles were rare at the beginning in the beginning of 20th century. People in that era preferred to wear parasols or hats. It was in 1930 when the sunglasses fashion came in to being. But before that these sunglasses and goggles were not in fashion at all.

The Original Steampunk Goggles:

Do you know what are Steampunk goggles?

Cinder goggles began to be produced on the mass level with the boom of 1840. Though these glasses were named as safety glasses, however they didn’t reserve to be for the railway worker. The passengers of the train also wore them. It is because transport modes didn’t have glass on the windows at that time. Moreover the class cars were without roof too. Cinders and dust from the chimneys would have blown in to the vehicles. Passengers wore these goggles to ensure eyes protection.

Just like the traditional goggles, these protective Steampunk glasses had temples too. They were however replaced by an elastic band or a leather strap to ensure that the goggles fit firmly against the face for the required protection.     

There are very few styles that can complement the popularity of Steampunk movies, comics, video games, and TV shows. The fashion world seems to have fallen whole heartedly in love with the eccentric fashion style. Steampunk is known to be a perfect blend of the history with future to come up with something truly imaginative and wonderful.

Get Steampunk Goggles, Wear Them And Love Them:

The main issue with these Steampunk glasses is that in addition to the photo shoots, Steampunk conventions or wedding, you don’t have several occasions to wear these goggles. It is something that goes mostly with the steampunk clothing such as Victorian skirt, corset, or other steampunk accessories such as monocle, top hat, can, eyeglass etc.

Tips To Buy Steampunk Goggles:

When you are stepping out to buy a perfect Steampunk goggles, there are several things to be considered. Are you thinking why? Well the Steampunk culture is known for the diversity. Since no identity is the same, chances are that you will have to choose between the shapes and the styles of these Steampunk goggles. These goggles not only offer sun protection for the eyes, but steampunk identity and face frame in perfect manner. Underlined are certain things to consider:

Get The One Fitting Your Head Size And Face Shape Perfectly:

Some of these Steampunk goggles have larger size as compared to the others. It is you who should get the one that would be a perfect fit for the head and the face.

Go For The Ones With UV Protection:

If you look forward to wear these goggles frequently then you must get the ones with UV protection.

Get The Goggles With Details:

For the maximum powerful look, you should get the glasses with extra details. These details include the magnifying glass, spikes, etc as they make the Steampunk look stand above the crowd.

Comfort Is Significant:

Once again if you will be wearing the goggles frequently, then you need to ensure that you pick the one that is comfortable. Comfort can be judged by ensuring that glasses have the nose pads, bridge, frame rim that suits you and has temples. The optimum length of the rims is between 130 and 140 mm.

Folding Frames:

When you will be choosing between the folding ribbons and the frames, you must always think of the class, comfort, and adventurous look etc.

Type  Of  Steampunk Goggles:

As soon as you will go out in the market, you will be amused with the variety of the accessories in the Steampunk. There are several creative details accessible out there. This is why classification of accessories in this regards can be a daunting task indeed. However looking at what is accessible in the market, there are round goggles, the ones with the shields, the Victorian styled Steampunk goggles, flip up goggles, and much more.

So mainly the purpose is to ensure eye protection and fit in with the Steampunk fashion. Just sit in front of your computer screens and browse for the Steampunk goggles. Get the one that complements your features such as head size and the face cut etc. Happy shopping.

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